If you are looking for a league that features close door to door racing with a lot of give and take driving with drivers that always show respect to their fellow competitors, by applying great race-craft, then the OBRL is the place you are looking for.


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i40media -Metro Ford Chicago Nascar Xfinity iRacing Race at Pocono Raceway

i40media -Metro Ford Chicago Nascar Xfinity iRacing Race at Pocono Raceway

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I40media – Metro Ford Chicago Xfinity Nationals Racing Series Race
Thursday Pocono Raceway 65 Laps
Practice: Opens at 8:20 PM EST
Drivers Meeting 8:50 PM
To Race You Must Be In Practice By 8:30 PM

Race Info at http://dlvr.it/SVGWbX

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The Thyroid Fixer Truck Series
🏁 Nascar Truck Results

🏁 Nascar Truck Results

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Recent WinnersXfinity Series Winners
Nascar i40media Metro Ford Dash 4 Ca$h Series Logo
🏁 Grand National Results

🏁 Grand National Results

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🏁 Nascar Cup Results

🏁 Nascar Cup Results

Series Sponsored By: Metro Ford

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