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Metro Ford Cup Series

Sponsored By: Metro Ford

2022 Pre-Season begins 11/14/21 - Below is description of the OBRL Full Season which begins February 2022.

2022 Metro Ford Cup $3000 Payout Schedule

The Metro Ford Cup Series is the OBRL iRacing League premier series. The schedule is 36 races in 40 Weeks with races 60% in length, featuring superb oval racing, nice sized fields with an all around great experience. Featuring fixed setups and dynamic weather. This is another arrive and drive series for very experienced oval drivers. The races typically finish with many cars pushing for position right to the checkered flag. The Series places an emphasis on drivers practicing good race-craft skills. If you love racing in nasty, touchy and powerful machines, then this is your series.

WIN AND YOU ARE IN!  If you win a race and participate in 80% of the scheduled 26 races before the playoffs start you will make the first round of the playoffs.  Win a playoff race and you will automatically progress to the next round.  Ties will progress also to the next round.

How IPL System Work In Each Series:

Completion of 4 races in a series – IPL (incidents per lap) will be reviewed and penalty accessed if above IPL limit for each series.
Drivers who exceed Series IPL Limit After the 4th and 8th Races ect. Will be required to start their race 5 or 9 ect. from the Pits

IPL (incidents per lap)
IPL Is Based on Total Incidents Divided By Total Laps Completed Raced. It is not possible to determine how many laps it takes to lower your IPL by 0.001. It changes by the number of laps you complete.

IPL (incidents per lap)
IPL Limit 0.038

If you quit a race prematurely, you will not lower your IPL, so It is to your advantage to run as many laps clean laps as possible to lower your IPL

Click Here For Complete IPL System


Practice: Opens at 10:00 AM
Drivers Meeting 10:20 AM
Qualifying: 10:30 AM - 2 Laps 10 minutes
Race Start: 10:40 AM
To Race You Must Be In Practice By 10:20 AM
Fuel: 100%
Race Distance: 60%
Weather: Dynamic
0 Fast Repair - 7 Incident Points

Fixed Setups


Sunday Morning Series

Metro Ford Cup Practice Schedule 
Listed in League Sessions

Friday and Saturday Evening 8 to 10pm – Cup Series



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