All Drivers Must Complete 6 Races in a Single Series or 12 Races in any of the 4 Series Combine & Finish Your Probation Before A 2 Digit Number Will Be Granted!

Drivers who Miss 8 Consecutive Weeks or More in a Row will lose their permanent 2 digit number
• These drivers are moved to a 100 series number
• Allowed to choose or be assigned a new 2 digit number upon their return
This policy Gives Active Members Priority in 2 digit numbers

Number change – A number change request will require a minimum donation of $10.00 and can only be done after the CUP 40 week season has ended. Only for a member changing from a 2 digit number to another 2 digit number.


Request A Car Number

Request A Sponsor



New Driver Temporary Numbers for New Drivers – NO QUALIFYING
(Need 6 races in one series or 12 races in 4 series to qualify for a permanent 2 digit number )



Temporary Numbers for Non-Active Drivers who haven’t raced in 8 Weeks or More Allowed to choose a new 2 digit number upon return after completing 6 races.