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Kevin Strandberg

Team: Half Throttle Racing
Number: 58
Sponsor: Durelle Racing/Strannys Speed Shop
Hometown: Mora, Minnesota
Birth year: 1964

I started my sim racing in the early 80’s with Papyrus Nascar Racing on the pc. When my son got a little older he played Xbox and got me playing the Forza games on his Xbox. I then heard about Iracing and have been on it for about 7 years. I found The OBRL recently and have been racing the truck and cup leagues and enjoying great racing and friends! I was a HUGE Dale Sr fan and watched every race until his death and now I just casually watch it.

I am a 33 year retired Sprinklerfitter from Local Union 417 in Minneapolis, MN. My hobbies include hanging out with my wife and kids, pheasant hunting with my dog, spending time at our camper in Duluth, MN., working on and driving my 1968 “Strannys Speed Shop” C10 truck, and riding my Yamaha YXZ side by side